Want to See Seattle Houseboat History Up Close And Personal?

April 15, 2010 at 4:32 pm , by SeattleAfloat.com

Want to See Seattle Houseboat History Up Close And Personal? Your stepping on board into it!   Yes it has new carpet and a modern kitchen among other updates and upgrades, but this home is for sale on it’s 100th Birthday year!  Complete with secret hatches and a claw foot tub, this is a one of a kind uniques way to live on Lake Union in the heart of Seattle with quick access to Downtown Seattle, Queen Anne, Westlake (your here), Eastlake, Fremont, and more.  Access to major trail infrastructure right off the dock and low low low living fees here.

Why on earth would you ever choose a condo over this? ( I am talking to you, South Lake Union Condo & Amazon relocation buyers:)) I would rather have the water gently rocking me to sleep than live in a box surrounded by neighbors on all of my walls….  This is more affordable, too!  The myth of houseboat living as expensive is not true in many cases because most Seattle floating homes  are on owned docks now instead of paying large moorage fees to dock lords….  $325,000 and the monthly dues?  $300 which includes your Lake Union moorage, water, sewer, garbage, and taxes on your portion of the owned houseboat dock (yes you cooperatively own the dock!!).

The real perk and what make living on a Seattle floating home today affordable is the taxes on the home itself.. Ready for it?  $584 A YEAR!!!  Compare that to thousands for a condo or land house…

Let us know if you want to visit this beauty on its birthday or if there are others you might want to see.  We can show you all Seattle floating homes in the Seattle MLS no matter who they are listed with and we also have a pretty good line on some goodies that will be coming on the market soon. homes@SeattleAfloat.com or call Courtney at 206-850-8841

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