Seattle Houseboats Sales Data: Seattle Floating Homes SOLD

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  Lake Union Floating Homes Sales By Year:

If you are interested in further data or more detail info, let us know –

2011 seattle floating homes sold (so far as of 12/12/2011)

2010 seattle floating homes sales

2009 seattle floating homes sold

2008 seattle floating homes

Are you interested in Seattle floating homes for sale?

Seattle houseboats Realtor:

 Courtney Cooper 206.850.8841

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Seattle Houseboats For Sale: Not Much In Inventory For Floating Homes

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Seattle Floating Homes For Sale Inventory is Low –

seattle floating homes for sale

The number of Seattle houseboats for sale has definitely decreased for the winter and holiday season.  This is an opportunity for many Seattle floating homes owners who might want to to step into the Seattle houseboat market while the competition is low.

Seattle Floating Homes For Sale:

Currently, there are only 4 (FOUR!!!) Seattle floating homes for sale in ALL of Seattle!  These range in price from $350,000 to $1,395,000.  Here are some additional details:

  • For $350,000, you can buy a 2 bedroom/1 bath Seattle houseboat in Westlake.
  • For $399,000, you can buy a 1 bedroom/1 bath houseboat in Portage Bay.
  • For $715,000, you can buy a houseboat in Portage Bay at the end of the dock on its own dock with no dues, a waterfront bonus cabin, and a yard, and 2 parking spaces.
  • For $1,395,000 you can buy a 2 bedroom 2.5 bath Roanoke Reef floating home.

What’s Selling in Seattle Floating Homes?

In the last 60 days there has been 1 Seattle floating homes sale and there is 1 that is pending.  The pending Seattle floating home for sale is a beauty on the Sleepless in Seattle houseboat dock in Westlake listed at $900,000.  The Seattle floating home that has sold and closed in escrow is located in Eastlake at 2727 Fairview Ave E #14.  It is a 1932 1 bedroom/ 1 bath Seattle houseboat with $650 square feet of living space.  It was originally listed for $298,000 and sold after 57 days on the market for $238,000 – that is 79.87% of list price.

Are you interested in selling your Seattle floating home?  

Just because it is late fall and the holiday season is kicking in does not mean that there are not ready, willing, and able houseboat buyers ready to purchase your home.  We specialize in Seattle floating homes and we want to help you get the most possible for your investment.  Right now is a very good time to try out the market with your houseboat while competition is at a minimum and buyers are still steady.  Let us know if you would like a free market analysis and an idea of some of the ways we can market your floating home compared to other Realtors.  We do things differently!

  • Courtney Cooper:  206.850.8841
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Seattle Houseboats Lending Opens Up! Good News For Lake Union Houseboats

August 14, 2011 at 9:31 pm , by

Just came across my desk this afternoon!  Seattle Houseboat lending is wide open again!

From Denise Carlson at Seattle Metropolitan:

We have great news to share……    We are back online with our houseboat lending program.  Below is the update we have made to our program guidelines.  

seattle houseboatsAug. 2011 update:  City of Seattle’s Shoreline Management plan is being revised and will most likely impact the houseboat community in some way.  Information is currently being gathered by the City.  The final plan will be drafted and submitted to the City Council for approval.  Once approved, it will then be sent to the Department of Ecology for their approval.  The estimated timeline looks to extend to year end 2011.  Details of the plan are uncertain at this time and pertain to various aspects of above water living, including the treatment of gray water and the % of ‘live aboards’ allowed around the lake.  There is uncertainty as to the impact on houseboat values any future changes in the SMP may create.  Given this uncertainty, SMCU has modified the requirements to the existing houseboat loan program to allow lending in this program as well as compensate for any potential negative impact as follows:


  • Minimum FICO score of 680 – no change
  • 45% maximum DTI – new
  • Minimum of 2 months documented reserves required on all transactions.
  • No other program details have been changed


You can reach Denise at 206-398-5581 if you have questions about houseboat lending.  Denise also does Seattle floating homes lending.  As always if you are interested in Seattle houseboats, please let us know – we would love to show you some of our favorites – both on the market and off.


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Lake Union living in Seattle Houseboats

June 4, 2011 at 7:37 pm , by

Live in a Seattle Houseboat on the Water in Seattle:

One picture to say it all:

Lake Union homes

Want to know more about Lake Union living?

Lake Union is an ever changing mash of life, fun, work, and more.  It has long been the working lake of Seattle, and there is a great mix of activity going on – you can always find something interesting on Lake Union.  Lake Union floating homes are among my favorite things in this part of Seattle and all of Seattle actually.  Why not live on Lake Union and take in the ever changing scenery?  Seattle houseboats are a great in city condo alternative and an excellent lifestyle choice for a wide variety of Seattlelites.   Just sit on your roof top deck, or jump in your kayak and take part in the activity, watch the wild life, or try a SUP (stand up paddleboard) for first hand glances of everything.

Let us know if you are interested in looking at Seattle houseboats for sale.  We have our favorites – and some that aren’t actually publicly listed, too (shhh!)

Courtney Cooper 206-850-8841  

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Seattle Houseboats For Sale

April 8, 2011 at 9:32 pm , by

There are 10 Seattle floating homes for sale right now – These Seattle floating homes range in price from $250,000 for a Seattle houseboat for sale on a leased dock (no owned lake Union moorage comes with the purchase – just the house) to $3,450,000 for a sleek modern Seattle houseboat with a gated entry and roof top deck. Both of these Seattle houseboats are the extreme opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to floating homes on Lake Union. You will find most of the Seattle houseboats in the average range of $600,000 to $900,000 at this time. In fact, the median list price for Seattle floating homes for sale on lake Union currently is $750,000.

One Of Our Highlighted Seattle Houseboats For Sale:

2764 Westlake Ave N , Houseboat D  $299,000 – THIS is a GREAT place and will be highlighted in the upcoming Seattle Homes & Lifestyle Magazine as well as having a great appearance on the Today Show!!!!!  Dip your toes in for only $299,000 for less than $300,000 and have OWNED moorage!  Own your slip so that you have the security of Lake Union moorage and low dues plus ridiculously low taxes, too.  All the things that make Seattle houseboats more expensive to live on are affordable at its best on this one and it has room to grow, too. Nice people on the dock, beautiful gardening season coming up, and steps to Fremont where there is even more activity.

Call Courtney to get in and see this one – it is a very cool place with lots of history.


You Are Invited To See These Seattle Houseboats For Sale…

January 20, 2011 at 12:43 am , by

Seattle Houseboats Open This Weekend!

Seattle houseboats for sale

Lake Union real estate  is awakening a bit after a couple months of slower activity.  Come out and see some of our great Seattle houseboat offerings!

Here is the schedule:


Saturday 1/22/2011 From 12-3PM

2401 N Northlake Ave B-17

2764 Westlake Ave N, Houseboat D

2764 Westlake Ave N, Houseboat C

seattle houseboats for sale


Sunday 1/23/2011 From 12-3PM

2764 Westlake Ave N, Houseboat D

2764 Westlake Ave N, Houseboat C


Are you interested in Seattle houseboats?

Let us know if you would like a private tour of these or any other Seattle Houseboats for sale right now.


seattle houseboats for sale

Lake Union Floating Home: Here’s Your Chance To Live Sleepless In Seattle Style

January 17, 2011 at 8:45 pm , by

Lake Union Floating Home:

Here’s Your Chance To Live Sleepless In Seattle Style – Check out this one – just happens to also be the most affordable Seattle floating home!

Owned moorage and cheaper dues than a condo, this is an ideal situation for someone wanting to dip their toes into Lake Union living!

Large entertainment sized kitchen and cozy sleeping loft, charming claw foot tub/shower combo, and room to move right in, office, closet space, and living room with fireplace plus large front deck to feel the gentle motion as boats go by…

Great investment opportunity for future expansion if you want to go up a level or add a roof top deck.  Recent dive inspection showed the care that has gone into keeping this beautiful house in great condition afloat on top of Lake Union.

Asking only $299,000, but also willing to consider offers.  Ask us about financing, too.  Seattle houseboat financing is very specialized, but we have some great lenders.

Courtney 206-850-8841

Seattle Houseboats For Sale: The Ultimate in Seattle Waterfront Homes

November 19, 2010 at 10:02 pm , by

Seattle Houseboats For Sale:  The Ultimate in Seattle Waterfront Homes

Seattle waterfront homes come in all shapes and sizes – you can have Puget Sound waterfront homes, Lake Washington waterfront homes, island homes on the water, and even floating homes.  Seattle floating homes are actually surprisingly quite affordable when compared to other types of traditional Seattle waterfront homes on land. This is always a big shock when we show the differences in price, taxes, etc. while comparing the two.

There are different types of ownership depending on which Seattle houseboats you are looking at and which dock you look at, but those differences do define not only security, but also afford ability.  If your dock is co-op owned, then you are usually only paying for real estate taxes on your portion of the dock ownership.   You then will pay taxes to the county for the actual home itself – these are at a much lower rate than real estate taxes so a $1 million dollar floating home with this situation would have significantly lower taxes than a $1 million dollar home on land.

You can find All Seattle houseboats for sale right here:

Seattle houseboats

And go ahead and check out the Seattle waterfront homes for sale while you are at it if you have time so you can see some of the differences:)

Seattle Waterfront homes

Email me or call me if you need some clarification or wondering which houseboats are on these types of docks (there are also fee simple and lease docks). 206-850-8841

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Westlake Houseboats – Some Great Opportunities

August 31, 2010 at 4:42 pm , by

Westlake Houseboat for sale:

Searching for a great Seattle floating home on the Westlake side of Lake Union? Westlake is a completely different feel than Eastlake and you can find a whole new Lake Union Lifestyle in this corner of Westlake called Westlake Cove.  Westlake Cove is a quiet co-op dock on the Northwest banks of Lake Union at the base of Queen Anne and just footsteps to Fremont.

Enjoy life afloat in Westlake with  Lake Union lapping at your home –  on the Lake Union Loop, Burke-Gillman Trail, Ship Canal Trail, more, plus easy EASY commute to Downtown Seattle.

This Seattle Houseboat’s  Stats?

2 bedroom/.75 bath, sauna, French doors, large deck on even larger floating log foundation, built in 1970, storage on site, open water on large channel with ability to obtain adjacent moorage slip up to 20 feet upon co-op approval.  Often mistaken for the Sleepless in Seattle houseboat by tourists, this is a fun and funky Seattle floating home!  $399,000

Appointments for this Seattle floating home or ANY Seattle houseboat listed by ANY Seattle Realtor:

Call or Text:  206-850-8841  or



Seattle Houseboat Featured On The Today Show!

July 31, 2010 at 4:52 pm , by


The most affordable Seattle floating home on the lake with room for opportunity!!!!  New carpet, large kitchen, claw foot tub!  Featured on The Today Show!

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