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Seattle Houseboats For Sale: The Ultimate in Seattle Waterfront Homes

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Seattle Houseboats For Sale:  The Ultimate in Seattle Waterfront Homes

Seattle waterfront homes come in all shapes and sizes – you can have Puget Sound waterfront homes, Lake Washington waterfront homes, island homes on the water, and even floating homes.  Seattle floating homes are actually surprisingly quite affordable when compared to other types of traditional Seattle waterfront homes on land. This is always a big shock when we show the differences in price, taxes, etc. while comparing the two.

There are different types of ownership depending on which Seattle houseboats you are looking at and which dock you look at, but those differences do define not only security, but also afford ability.  If your dock is co-op owned, then you are usually only paying for real estate taxes on your portion of the dock ownership.   You then will pay taxes to the county for the actual home itself – these are at a much lower rate than real estate taxes so a $1 million dollar floating home with this situation would have significantly lower taxes than a $1 million dollar home on land.

You can find All Seattle houseboats for sale right here:

Seattle houseboats

And go ahead and check out the Seattle waterfront homes for sale while you are at it if you have time so you can see some of the differences:)

Seattle Waterfront homes

Email me or call me if you need some clarification or wondering which houseboats are on these types of docks (there are also fee simple and lease docks). 206-850-8841

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